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Ultimate Vitamin E and A Serum


Product Description

The Ultimate Vitamin E and A Serum is an anti-aging natural formula for men.

A deep penetrating repair serum that is Frankinsence enriched. It is highly recommended.

This serum is an intense formula of pure vitamin E, pure Vitamin A and Frankincense essential oil. It has been formulated to repair skin. I use it once or twice a week and apply around the eyes, ears and neck. I also apply it around the eyes, as well as the rest of the face.

It should be used after a face scrub or mask, then left on overnight. The serum has a very high concentration of pure vitamin E, so it is thick but extremely effective. Apply it and wait a few minutes for it to soak in before going to bed.

You will really notice the difference the next morning after you use a face wash in the shower.
It is particularly effective for men who are concerned about lines and/or men with dry skin.

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50 ml


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