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Mastery Blue Face Exfoliant


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The Mastery Blue Deep Cleansing Face Exfoliant is contains bamboo stem powder to exfoliate the skin and Apricot Kernel Oil to ensure that you skin does not dry out. Vitamins A and E act as vital antioxidants.

Often other scrubs dry out the skin. The Mastery face scrubs do not dry out a man’s skin, yet very effectively exfoliates away the dead skin cells and pollutants.

In addition the bamboo stem powder is biodegradable. Many face scrubs use tiny plastic granules which end up in our oceans and remain there, also potentially being eaten by fish.

All Mastery products contain essential oils specifically tailored to the products ideal use. Fennel fights wrinkles and clears oily skin, basil is uplifting and mind focussing which is ideal for use in the morning before a busy day of activity. And there’s cinnamon, reputed as an aphrodisiac!

Like all Mastery products, the packing is masculine and smart. It’s designed to be shown in the gym and smart enough to display in your bathroom at home.

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